Frequently asked questions

Are you a qualified member of a professional organisation and do you have photographic insurance?

Yes, Graham is Qualified to Associate level in Wedding Photography with the 'British Institute of Professional Photography' and has Public Liability and Public Indemnity Insurance.

How long will Graham & Debbie stay with us on our wedding day?

We have packages that accommodate the whole wedding day, from the Brides home, up until just after the first dance. Times are quite flexible and depend on your own requirements.

Do Graham & Debbie ever photograph more than one wedding a day?

No, we will never photograph more than one full wedding during one day.

Do you use digital or film camera's?

We are totally digital and use Professional Nikon digital cameras.

If you have a long way to travel or need overnight accommodation, who will pay for these expenses?

Travelling expenses are payable if the distance exceeds 50 miles to the destination. Overnight accommodation is unlikely, but if it is necessary then this expense will be added to the package price.   

How many photographs will be taken on the wedding day?

There is no limit to the number of photographs taken, it really depends on your requirements and the number of hours we spend with you on the Wedding Day. However, because of the high quality of our images, we believe in Quality rather than qualtity and continually strive to produe something special for every Bride and Groom.

How many photographs will we get to see?

Again there is no limit but most weddings produce between 400 and 500 images for the final viewing.

How many photographs go to make up an album?

Most of the packages have a set number of photographs from 50 to 100, although additional prints can be purchased and added to the album so that any number of photos can be in the final album.

Do you have a photography with DVD only package?

Yes, we have various packages with DVD only where you can print your own pictures.

What do Graham and Debbie do about eating/refreshments?

If we are staying to photograph the wedding breakfast and speeches, we are usually offered a hot meal in the venue or bar area.

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